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Rohan Browning

For 25-year old Rohan Browning, an injury isn’t just an inconvenience – it’s something that could cost him his career. Keeping his body strong and safe was Rohan’s original reason for working with Jessica, but he ended up getting more than he bargained for with a brand new approach to maintaining good health.

Mark Ipaviz

Mark is a 41-year-old Sales Manager who had decided it was time to get his sugar cravings under control once and for all. He was ready for a healthy, sugar-free routine to keep his body – and career – on track.

Gareth Bryant

For CEO Gareth Bryant, his weight gain and poor diet was making him feel ten years older than he really was. Long hours at work along with juggling a young family meant that diet and exercise had take a back seat.

Alistair Robertson

Alistair Robertson, 47, is a busy Managing Director with a penchant for powerlifting. In recent years, he was frustrated by consistent poor results from blood tests despite his super healthy lifestyle. High blood pressure and fatty liver issues were recurring, even though Alistair didn’t smoke, drink to excess, or eat poor food.

Holly Ransom

Holly Ransom, a global speaker, disruption strategist and director, was gearing up for her second Ironman triathlon when she realised she needed professional guidance. Initially, she felt quite overwhelmed by the buffet of information out there.

Errol Gulden

Errol Gulden, an AFL athlete at the prime of his career, turned to Jess for help in maintaining body composition goals during his preseason training.

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