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Keynote Speaking

Energetic. No B-S. Straight-shooting and science and evidence-focused.

Jessica Spendlove is a sought-after keynote speaker, presenter and facilitator in the realm of sustainable high performance, nutrition, and habits required for sustainable success. 

With over 15+ years of experience (having worked with leading athletes, Olympians, AFL players to C-Suite and CEO’s) in nutrition, gut health, sleep and elite performance, Jess has an innate ability to “read the room”, tailor an experience, and demystify the complex into simple, actionable and practical steps.

The vibe you can expect? 

A mix of intellect, hard truths, relatability, and practicality. So if you’re seeking a speaker or presenter that will leave your audience, mastermind, team, and/or your employees feeling energised, motivated, and clear with their next step?

Then Jess is the speaker you’ve been seeking.

Proud Speaking Collaborations:

Most requested speaking topics:

Fuelling Performance:
The Corporate Athlete

There’s a lot more synchronicities between top performers in the corporate world, and Australia’s elite sport athletes. In this session, we’ll explore the core principles that underpin performance and drive for Australia’s top athletes and completely revolutionise the way you approach your performance in the corporate world. By adopting an athlete’s mindset and nutritional strategies, you’ll learn how you can dramatically boost your cognitive abilities, energy levels, and productivity. (Which in turn will not only transform your health, but your professional and team dynamics.)

Thriving in Work and Life: Energise Your Body and Mind for Success

Ever heard of the saying, “listen to your body”? Well, in this session you’ll learn exactly HOW to do just that. Learn to interpret your body’s messages for peak performance, and know how you can decoding your body’s signals. With proactive strategies to achieve stable energy, reduce cravings, and enhance focus and productivity, you’ll learn how to identify alert systems from your body and know the steps to take to recharge, reset and create sustained professional and personal success.

Optimising Gut Health for Sustained High Performance

Explore the relationship between nutrition (your diet), gut health and your mental wellbeing. The gut microbiome (the collective ecosystem of all the bacteria that lives within your gut) influences our mood, mindset and performance. Through this informative session, you’ll learn practical, science-backed strategies for tangible improvements in lasting physical and mental  wellbeing, enhanced functionality and immediate impact.

Energy Management Mastery: unlock your path to optimal vitality

All-or-nothing attitude, and feel like your day is just getting started when it hits 4pm? Through a deep dive into how nutrition, activity, sleep, and mindset intertwine with energy, we’ll debunk this approach, uncover sustainable strategies for vitality and performance and have you walk away with knowing exactly how you can personally build a more healthier, more vibrant and easeful life. healthier, more vibrant life, with ease.

How to Sleep for Success

There’s a science to how we sleep! Dive into the science of “sleeping” and exactly how you can leverage it to enhance your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. From what supports deep sleep, sleep phases, common barriers to poor sleeping patterns, you’ll discover simple strategies to not only optimise “rest but see how nutrition and sleep collide to help you work smarter, not harder.

Engage a speaker that will leave your audience feeling the complex is simple, actionable and practical.

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