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Fuelling your journey to the top.

Becoming a top performer is about talent, drive and ambition.

Staying a high performer is about consistency, habits and non-negotiables.

Jessica Spendlove is a Performance Dietitian, Holistic High-Performance Coach and sought-after Speaker specialising in nutrition and high-performance.

For over 15+ years, she’s worked with thousands of high-performing men and women, from CEO’s to elite athletes, who are all searching for success in their chosen fields.

But that’s not what makes Jess different.

What makes Jess different is the fact she’s well versed in the shadow side of high performance, too. She understands the desire for busy, chasing perfection, self-worth, identity, high risk of burnout and increased risk of mental health, all of which she has experienced first-hand and has had to put strategies and boundaries in place. Now, she’s ready to share those with the world.

As seen on leading Australian and International TV and news publications:

When you work with Jess, here’s one thing that’s a promise:

That she’ll not only get you to the top – but she’ll help you find the most efficient pathway to sustainably stay there.

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Your curated lifestyle program.

I know first-hand the grit, commitment, and determination it takes to perform consistently at your peak. As a teen athlete, I realised winning a race isn’t luck or talent alone – it’s the result of months, even years, of preparation and routine.

Then, as a sports dietitian working with thousands of elite and emerging athletes, I uncovered the next layer of lasting success. Lifestyle and behaviour.

And this is what sets me apart.

Programs and coaching methodologies that infuse high-performance habits and behaviours with joy, excitement, and renewed energy.  I deep dive into who you are and what drives you, crafting a custom lifestyle routine aligned with your goals and motivations.

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Do you thrive in a competitive field? 

Are you motivated by both the challenge and reward of winning?

YES? Then you’re exactly where you should be!

Supporting high-achieving individuals consistently perform at their peak has been her niche for over a decade, and she limits her intake to individuals or teams who fit this unique profile:

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