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Our methodology

Kinetic Energy
Noun, physics.

In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the form of energy that it possesses due to its motion.

If you were to boil down success to one simple ingredient, it would have to be energy.

Energy fuels everything from stamina to creativity. It’s what keeps us trying, and wanting to try.

Energy is a multifaceted concept that needs four key ingredients to survive:

nutrition, sleep, movement, and mindset.

You’ll feel stronger, clearer, and more motivated than ever before. The best part? All of these tools are readily available within you: the levers are in your control.

A loop of energy production

In science, the concept of ‘kinetic energy’ is the production of energy based on motion. To think of it simply, an atom gathers speed and strength the more it moves – the faster it goes, and the bigger it gets, the stronger in kinetic energy it becomes. 

Over my years working with professional athletes and high-performing business people, I started to see the theory of kinetic energy come to life. 

The more effort my clients put into their nutrition, sleep, movement and mindset, the more energy they had. And the more energy they had, the more they could dedicate to their health. It was this wonderful loop of health and success.

Sustainable, simple, successful.

The Stay At The Top Method was created when I realised how many successful people were burning out as they reached the top. They would adopt crazy schedules to fast track their success, and then drop off from exhaustion.

Instead of creating a sustainable ‘loop’ of energy building, they would race to the top – then fall all the way back down again. 

So, I focused on creating evidence-based unique routines that are sustainable, simple, and successful. And enjoyable. Because if you’re not having fun, why bother?

Our Journey Together

I see my client’s program with me in three stages.

01 Listen

Step one is a comprehensive ‘life audit’. I will deep dive into your sleep frequency and quality, your day on a plate, allergies and health issues, your mental health and mindset, and how you move your body. Together, we’ll ‘decode’ what your body has been telling you and develop more self awareness – the greatest superpower of all.

02 Build

This is when the fun begins! Combining my scientific knowledge with real-world experience, I’ll curate a customised program that will start to move the ‘levers’ of your four energy sources – sleep, nutrition, mindset, and movement. Once we find the right balance, you will start to build momentum with ease, and tap into a ‘loop’ of natural energy.

03 Elevate

After completing our program, you will discover a new version of yourself. An elevated version. One who has high-performance strategies and tools they easily embed everyday, and a toolkit of additional resources to call on, and use as needed. You are not a robot, but an evolved version of yourself.

What makes my method so different?

Unlock your full potential and start living life on your terms.

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