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“With Jess, I hit my body composition goals and felt an immediate energy boost.”

Errol Gulden

Current AFL Player, All Australian Squad 2023

Errol Gulden, an AFL athlete at the prime of his career, turned to Jess for help in maintaining body composition goals during his preseason training. “I needed to sustain weight and enhance my performance,” Errol shares.

Errol faced challenges in sustaining weight throughout preseason training. “I was struggling with consistent energy levels and needed a structured plan,” he explains. Jessica crafted a meal plan aligned with Errol’s training and game schedule, focusing on nutrient timing and quality.

“Jess’s plan was detailed, and I was excited from the start,” says Errol. In fact, he noticed an immediate shift in energy within the first two weeks. “It was amazing to feel the surge in energy and how it positively affected my training, and seeing this shift also really made preparing and eating food enjoyable.”

Errol experienced more energy post sessions in the afternoons and felt that not only was able to get more out of his day but he was also noticing physically the maintenance of the muscle he was putting.

“Adapting to the timing and quantity of meals took some effort, but the results were worth it,” he reflects. By the end, Errol felt more confident and noticed a significant improvement in his performance. “The changes were not just physical; my mental approach to nutrition and training evolved too,” he remarks.

Errol describes Jessica’s program as “tailored and detailed, focusing on the minutiae that make a big difference.” He experienced a mind-shift change, feeling energised and motivated. “This energy directly translated into my performance on the field,” he adds.

On working with Jessica:

“Jess is exceptional in identifying and improving the 1% areas that significantly impact performance, for an athlete, investing in Jess’s expertise is pivotal. It’s not just about nutrition but overall performance enhancement.”

Errol Gulden

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