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“Jess tailored a program just for me and I started noticing results immediately!”

Alistair Robertson


Alistair Robertson, 47, is a busy Managing Director with a penchant for powerlifting. In recent years, he was frustrated by consistent poor results from blood tests despite his super healthy lifestyle. High blood pressure and fatty liver issues were recurring, even though Alistair didn’t smoke, drink to excess, or eat poor food. 

“I first came to Jess because I just couldn’t get my nutrition right,” says Alistair. “I needed someone with experience and expertise. No one was giving me answers.”

Alistair has seen a number of nutritionists previously, and found their programs to be impersonal and ‘cookie cutter’, when what he really needed was someone to review his personal health and diet.

“Jess was specialised and really understood sport nutrition, she knows her stuff!” says Alistair.  “She tailored a program just for me and I started noticing results immediately.”

Jess cut down Alistair’s red meat intake, but overall upped his protein intake – focusing on pulsing it more consistently across the day. Almost instantly Alistair said that he had more energy and was less tired. 

“I am very disciplined and if a doctor asks me to do something, I’ll do it,” says Alistair. “There weren’t any huge issues or massive changes, but I did follow her advice to the letter and found I was no longer fatigued working out. Also, my strength gains increased, my biomarkers improved and I was getting better sleep.” 

As a busy professional, Alistair says that he also found Jess’s ability to cut through with an efficient and clear program was appreciated. 

“Jess is like me -very direct,” says Alistair. “She’s very well educated, knows how to pull the right resources and has an extensive network of high-level people. I broke my ankle last year and even in that scenario she knew the right physio for me to see to finally get it sorted.”

Alistair says that he’s found positive run-on effects in everything from his powerlifting abilities to his general feeling of alertness and happiness.

On working with Jessica:

“If you have issues and you're looking to solve them, and you've tried everything, see Jess. She will adapt a program specific to your lifestyle and most importantly, find you the solutions you need.”

Alistair Robertson

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