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“It's been (and continues to be) the best investment I’ve made in myself.”

Gareth Bryant

Corporate CEO

For CEO Gareth Bryant, his weight gain and poor diet was making him feel ten years older than he really was. Long hours at work along with juggling a young family meant that diet and exercise had take a back seat.

“Having chatted to a client who is also a professional athlete, I was desperate for some help, ” says Gareth.

“In the past few years, I’d put on a copious amount of weight and as a 40 year old, felt more like a 50 year old. Having tried all the quick fix type stuff before, I knew I needed something more, something personalised and something that would stick. He suggested I speak to Jessica and from the outset it was obvious this was the solution for me.”

For Gareth’s busy schedule, the introduction of new routines needed to be super simple and sustainable.

“For me, there were four keys steps. One, increase protein in the earlier parts of the day such as breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Two, put more colour on my plate and increase my vegetable intake. Three, don’t try and cut out all the fun stuff – focus on 80% on track, and allow 20% to be less strict. And four: ‘perfect’ is a dirty word.”

For Gareth, it was a revelation. “It all felt so damn simple! The overriding feeling was relief in that I’d found someone qualified and talented to help me solve this problem,” says Gareth. He realised that the emotional triggers behind his consumption were more about stress than being time-poor alone.

“I immediately felt comfortable being open and honest with Jessica, and understanding the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’ has led to a whole new view on my health… It’s very much designed around behaviours and not focused on strict lifestyle changes. I think that’s what the biggest change has been for me. I now consider the impact of food choices more than I ever did previously, like identifying the KFC regret before I actually eat it.”

For now, it’s about maintaining his program and celebrating the little wins along the way. “We’re still ongoing, but the results so far are positive!” says Gareth “The weight has started to come off, I feel like exercising a lot more, I’ve almost quit a diet soft drink semi-addiction – and my clothes fit me a lot better!”

On working with Jessica:

“Prioritising my health and wellbeing has never been a strength of mine – this program brings it right to the front, and makes it unavoidable for us procrastinators. The amount of value I've gotten to date out of this program far outweighs the money spent.”

Gareth Bryant

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