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What we eat at breakfast has the ability to influence how we feel throughout the rest of the day. No exaggeration. A breakfast that includes protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and colour (i.e. plant foods) will set you up for a day of stable blood sugar levels and sustained energy, and keep you feeling satiated so that you can get on with the demands of the day ahead. On the flip side, by choosing a breakfast lacking in important nutrients, we are going to be left feeling sluggish (both physically and mentally) and, over time, we can end up inching ourselves towards weight gain and chronic diseases. So, what are some of the common breakfasts that dietitians see that do not tick the nutritional box? 
Whether you’re upping your workouts to help with weight loss, you’re training to build muscle, or you’re exercising for the major mood boost – it’s important to ensure you’re eating enough of the right things to fuel the results you’re after. Nutrition is always personalised but there are a few general rules for working out what to eat to get the most out of your training. We’re covering the most critical nutrients, the timing of eating, and the importance of consistency, which are paramount for living and performing at your best. We’ll also share what to eat before a workout and what to eat after a workout – two of the most common questions we get as dietitians.
We know that nutrition plays an important role in moving us towards our goals as an athlete. A consistent message that we like to share with our athletes is that there really is a key formula that everyone needs to know when it comes to fuelling for performance at meal and snack times.

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