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High performers in sport or business can appear extraordinary, as though they operate in a league of their own. While it's tempting to credit their success to innate talent or fortune, their achievements are often grounded in shared factors like motivation, drive, mindset, and specific behaviours. One essential component that supports these elements both for immediate impact and longevity, is performance nutrition.
Many people are familiar with calories, the measurement of energy in food. Calorie counting is often used in diets for weight loss, but how do we know how many calories each individual needs in a day? There are a lot of diets out there recommending the same number of calories for every single person, but everybody is unique in the same way our calorie requirements are unique to each individual.
What you eat before a game, event or competition plays a huge role in your ability to perform at a high level. But we’re not just talking about the hours before taking the field – you need a long-term performance nutrition strategy to achieve the best possible results in your sport. If you’re neglecting nutrition, you might notice some of these signs.
Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is an experience many of us are all too familiar with! The discomfort you might feel in the days after a workout is a sign that change is taking place in your muscles, so DOMS isn’t really a bad thing. But feeling a little sore can often put us off exercise for a few days and it certainly makes toilet trips a pain in the… Here are the nutrition strategies for reducing DOMS and the best food for muscle recovery and reducing soreness.
If you’re an athlete who wants to optimise their diet to improve performance, you’ll find there’s an overwhelming amount of nutrition information available out there. But one of the biggest mistakes I see is people trying to change everything, all at once.
When it comes to performance, there’s plenty of focus on the hours you put in at the gym, your technique during training and the game-day strategies that will level up your results. But for these steps to work effectively, prioritising recovery in between is just as essential. Most people are aware of what they need to eat immediately before or after exertion to fuel themselves but you need a long-term nutrition strategy in place to get the best possible outcomes on the field, court or track, plus daily life. 

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