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Nutrition for Swimming


The Nutrition for Swimming e-book was created by leading Advanced Sports Dietitian Jess Spendlove to help athletes in planning, preparing and timing food to support optimal performance in training and competition. The author was a national level swimmer when she was an adolescent.



This 79-page guide covers:

CHAPTER 1 – Fundamentals of Nutrition

CHAPTER 2 – Nutrients for Performance

CHAPTER 3 – Fuelling for Optimal Performance

CHAPTER 4 – Fats in Focus

CHAPTER 5 – Hydration

CHAPTER 6 – Adjusting Intake for Training Load

CHAPTER 7 – Building a Healthy Meal

CHAPTER 8 – Immunity

CHAPTER 9 – Food and Mood

CHAPTER 10 – Gut Health

CHAPTER 11 – Timing of Meals

CHAPTER 12 – Understanding Supplements

CHAPTER 13 – Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

CHAPTER 14 – Household Staples

CHAPTER 15 – Meal Planning

CHAPTER 16 – Simple Recipes for Athletes

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